About Bret Sayre

As a finance professional at one of the country’s largest companies and a small business owner, Bret has spent the majority of his career working in either accounting or compliance. He brings twenty years of professional experience managing and balancing budgets, making tough decisions as the leader of a company and navigating complex regulatory environments. Bret has dedicated countless hours enriching the lives of children in the Berkeley Heights Community by volunteering in youth sports leagues, including softball, baseball and basketball. Affectionately known as “Coach Bret,” he brings a positive attitude to his players while helping them develop an appreciation for their fellow teammates and the importance of teamwork. Bret and his wife, Carolyn, a riding member of the Berkeley Heights Volunteer Rescue Squad, moved to Berkeley Heights nearly a decade ago when their daughter, Aly, was less than two months old. Three years later, they welcomed their son, Josh, into their family and went on to become active members in local organizations.

“Our community is strong and we will need energized leaders to help position Berkeley Heights to emerge from current events ready to tackle the challenges that lie ahead. Susan and I are ready for that challenge.  The future of Berkeley Heights is ours to safeguard and together we can move forward in the most successful way by having a town council that represents the diversity and interests of all its residents.”

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